You can sign up use your blogHow To Sign Up For Google Adsense ?

If you want to follow the Google Ad sense program, of course you must have a website or blog to display the ads from Google ad sense. After having a blog, you can sign up at / ad sense. Once you register, Google will check your blog. If your blog qualifies, Google will accept your blog and give HTML codes. Then you can add the code into your blog.

How to Sign up for Google Ad sense:
  1. Please enter the address:
  2. Please click "register now". You can change the language format in accordance with the wishes there.
  3. Fill the data that has been provided by Google about you
  4. Once your data is correctly; click the "Send Confirmation"

Now you just waiting for confirmation from Google. Is your registration is accepted or rejected. Confirmation will be sent to your email address within a period of uncertainty, between 2 to 14 days.
Good Luck

How to Add Bank Accounts Gadgets To Blogspot

For business blogs, add the gadget-related businesses in your blog is mandatory. Because many benefits for businesses, for example your account information manager Bank.Bagi business blog, you can add gadgets to your bank account into a blog to facilitate your business transactions. The steps are as follows:

You must sign in first to
  • Select Design on a dashboard page => page elements
  • Click Add a gadget
  • Find and click  "Picture" 
Please fill out the form with his details are as follows:
  • Title: Leave blank
  • Caption: fill in the information your bank account number and account holder name. (example: account number xxx, On behalf of the Chandra haekal)
  • Link: Skip (leave default)
  • Image: enter your bank's logo
Click Save when finished

Then click the add a gadget to add more customer service information
  • Find and select "Text".
  • Title: fill With "Customer Services".
  • Content: Fill the content with information such as working hours, Telephone / sms, fax, and email
Click Save
On Page Elements: Click and drag the gadget customer service and place it under the gadget your bank account.